(September 2021) We are hiring!

Are you interested in uncovering a novel mechanism of post-transcriptional dysregulation during cancer progression?  We have a post-doctoral position available in our lab, so get in touch if you are curious! 

Link to job advert:

If you would like to know more about this position, our lab, and working at our Institute before applying, just drop us an email (

(July 2021) Goodbye Maria!

Over the summer, we said goodbye to the first postdoc of Mardakheh's lab, the amazing Maria Dermit. Maria moved to the biotech sector to do some really cool science with stem cells at Even though we are very happy for you Maria, We will be really missing you (yes even your extremely messy bench!). We wish you all the best. Wherever you go to in your future endeavours, one thing for sure is that you will be achieving amazing things!

Adiós dama de T-Rex!

(April 2021) Check out our protocol for quantitative proteomics analysis of protrusions.

Interested in performing quantitative proteomics analysis of cell-protrusions like we did in our recent publication (Dermit et al., 2020)? If so, we have a detailed protocol for you, now published in STAR Protocols:

Credit goes to Maria for preparing this extremely well-written and detailed protocol, which even has videos of the experiments shot on a body cam!  Also check out her Github entry for all the data analysis pipelines you need:


(January 2021) We are hiring!

We have a fully funded CRUK PhD position available for the start of September 2021. Get in touch if you are interested in doing a PhD on RBPs and their role in pancreatic cancer. More details on the position, and how to apply can be found here:

(December 2020) BCI paper of the month award!

Our manuscript in Developmental Cell (Dermit et al., 2020) was chosen as the paper of the month by the Barts Cancer Institute's executive board. A very big well done to Maria and the team for their achievment!

(November 2020) Our paper on LARP6 regulation of ribosome biogenesis by RNA localisation is out!

Almost 10 months after the initial submission, our paper on regulation of ribosome biogenesis by subcellular mRNA localisation is finally out in Developmental Cell!  We are very proud of Maria for her great effort in completing the revisions despite huge challenges caused by the pandemic (e.g. 4 months of lockdown!). Many thanks to all the team members and collaborators who contributed to the work. We are also grateful to our funders MRC and Barts Charity for their generous support.  

You can read the open-access paper here:

There is a wealth of multiomics data in the paper, including subcellular mRNA and protein distributions between protrusions and cell-bodies of 6 different human cell-lines. If you fancy exploring this data more, checking for instance how your mRNA or protein of interest is distributed between protrusions and cell-bodies in these cell-lines, you can also use this dashboard within our resource page:

(September 2020) Best poster prize for Syahmi!

Congratulations to Syahmi for winning the best poster prize at the Barts Cancer Institute's annual PhD day 2020, which was held remotely this year. In his poster, Syahmi revealed his findings on the importance of ribosome biogenesis for pancreatic Ductal Adenoarcinoma (PDAC) development, showing that addiction to mutant KRAS in PDAC depends on the KRAS ability to enhance ribosome biogenesis.

(July 2020) Back to the lab.

Roughly 3 ½ months passed since any of us lifted a pipette. But now the time has come to bring those old skills to the test. Even so only a few of us can be at the bench at once, we are doing our best to make up for the time lost. Continuing with where we left off, as well as working on new ideas which we have accumulated over the lock down.

(June 2020) Maria delivers a fantastic talk at BCI Thursday seminar series

Maria told us (remotely) about her recent work on LARP6 and regulation of ribosome biogenesis in migrating cells at BCI Thursday seminar series. Watch her full talk here (QMUL access only):

(December 2019) An update of our preprint is now available on bioRxiv

Check out the revised version of our preprint,  now out on bioRxiv:

(November 2019) Our lab's first ever preprint is now out on bioRxiv

Work spearheaded by our amazing postdoc, Maria Dermit, describes a novel mechanism by which mesenchymal-like migrating cells upregulate ribosomal protein synthesis and ribosome biogenesis, through RNA localization. Check out the manuscript here:  

(July 2019) Faraz presents at FASEB/EMBO RNA Localization and Local Translation Conference

Faraz and Maria attended this years' FASEB/EMBO RNA Localization and Local Translation conference in Snowmass, Colorado, where Faraz spoke about our soon to be published story on how spatial organisation of ribosomal protein mRNAs plays a crucial role in regulating ribosome biogenesis in migratory mesenchymal-like cells, and how this pathway is hijacked by highly aggressive cancer cells to enhance malignant growth and invasion.