Atiya Sarmin

I am a 3rd year PhD student on the MRC DTP programme. I completed a short project in the Mardakheh lab in the 1st year of my programme (2018). I am now completing my PhD project on 'Developing Advanced Models of Wound Healing and Inflammation using 3D Bioprinting'. 

Ushna Amir

Matthew Nishaan Kenyon

3rd year undergraduate project student at Mardakheh lab (2019). Matt worked on a new method for visualising local translation.

Davina Jugnarain

Medical student, carrying out a summer project at the Mardakheh lab (2019) on an Ian Hart Vacation Scholarship.

Mohammed Abdirahman Shirwa

Undergraduate project student (2020) in Mardakheh lab. Mohammed worked on characterising post-translational modifications of LARP proteins.