Recent Publications


RBMS1 suppresses colon cancer metastasis through targeted stabilization of its mRNA regulon

Johnny Yu, Albertas Navickas, Hosseinali Asgharian, Bruce Culbertson, Lisa Fish, Kristle Garcia, John Paolo Olegario, Maria Dermit, Martin Dodel, Benjamin Hanisch, Yikai Luo, Ethan M Weinberg, Rodrigo Dienstmann, Robert S Warren, Faraz K Mardakheh and Hani Goodarzi. (2020)                                                                                                                                                                        Cancer Discovery (DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-19-1375)

Maternal Larp6 controls oocyte development, chorion formation and elevation.

Hau HTA, Ogundele O, Hibbert AH, Monfries CAL, Exelby K, Wood NJ, Nevarez-Mejia J, Carbajal MA et al.(2020).

Development (Cambridge) vol. 147, (4)



Subcellular mRNA localization regulates ribosome biogenesis in migrating cells.

Dermit M , Dodel M , Lee FCY, Azman MS , Schwenzer H, Jones JL, Blagden SP, Ule J, Mardakheh FK* (2019). 

bioRxiv (CSHL).



DNA repair deficiency sensitizes lung cancer cells to NAD+ biosynthesis blockade.

Touat M, Sourisseau T, Dorvault N, Chabanon RM, Garrido M, Morel D, Krastev DB, 

Bigot L et al.(2018).

Journal of Clinical Investigation vol. 128, (4) 1671-1687.




Mass spectrometry analysis of spatial protein networks by colocalization analysis (COLA).

Mardakheh FK(2017).  

Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1636, . 


Methods for monitoring and measurement of protein translation in time and space.

Dermit M, Dodel M, Mardakheh FK(2017). 

Molecular BioSystems vol. 13, (12) 2477-2488.



RHO binding to FAM65A regulates Golgi reorientation during cell migration.

Mardakheh FK, Self A, Marshall CJ(2016). 
J Cell Sci vol. 129, (24) 4466-4479.

NAMPT inhibition is a novel synthetic lethal therapeutic approach exploiting nuclear-mitochondrial crosstalk in ERCC1-deficient populations.

Touat M, Olaussen K, Sourisseau T, Friboulet L, Dorvault N, Enot D, Bigot L, Pontoizeau C et al. (2016). 




Proteomics profiling of interactome dynamics by colocalisation analysis (COLA).

Mardakheh FK, Sailem HZ, Kümper S, Tape CJ, McCully RR, Paul A, Anjomani-Virmouni S, Jørgensen C et al.(2016). 

Mol Biosyst vol. 13, (1) 92-105.


Microenvironmental Heterogeneity Parallels Breast Cancer Progression: A Histology–Genomic Integration Analysis.

Natrajan R, Sailem H, Mardakheh FK, Arias Garcia M, Tape CJ, Dowsett M, Bakal C, 

Yuan Y(2016). 

PLoS Medicine vol. 13, (2)


Rho-associated kinase (ROCK) function is essential for cell cycle progression, senescence and tumorigenesis.

Kümper S, Mardakheh FK, McCarthy A, Yeo M, Stamp GW, Paul A, Worboys J, 

Sadok A et al.(2016). 

eLife vol. 5, (JANUARY2016)




Global Analysis of mRNA, Translation, and Protein Localization: Local Translation Is a Key Regulator of Cell Protrusions. 

Mardakheh FK, Paul A, Kümper S, Sadok A, Paterson H, Mccarthy A, Yuan Y, 

Marshall CJ(2015). 

Developmental Cell vol. 35, (3) 344-357.


Rho kinase inhibitors block melanoma cell migration and inhibit metastasis.

Sadok A, McCarthy A, Caldwell J, Collins I, Garrett MD, Yeo M, Hooper S, Sahai E et al.(2015). Cancer Research vol. 75, (11) 2272-2284.